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Let it Go

by Michael Waite

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Dragonfly 04:32
I know a liar Who's straining to open his heart His body is falling apart across the city He's been running Bound in the shackles of time Between the corridors and the caverns of his mind The cold wind blows Where did I go wrong He'll go walking 'til somebody carries him home And where he buries his head is not your secret I know a river where all the spirits flow free Between the Father up above and the Mother ocean Where we'll be Won't You help me find the song Take my soul along to where you're going
Darling I know that it makes you mad When I'm so far away And I've been cold and I've been bad But believe me when I say: I want to make it right I want to make it right I want to make it right with you baby here tonight O take my little hand We'll walk out on the sand And way out on the beach we'll release 'Til we reach the land of peace and delight I want to make it right I want to be the man that you're dreaming of tonight Don't be afraid pretty lady 'cause all my mind is made And you've got to know I want to make it right O baby look at me I'm skinny as a tree But my love is as fat as a baby bumble bee I know I hurt you dear But let me have your ear 'Cause whenever you're near it's as clear As a mirror in the middle of the sea I want to set you free And lift you like the wind underneath a chickadee Don't you be afraid pretty baby 'cause all my mind is made And I've just got to make it right O listen to me baby You're such a lovely lady Please I know you think I'm crazy, I'm trifling and lazy But I'm down on my knees And I want to make it right I want to make it right I want to take this broken down thing and make it right I want to make it slow and groovy Like an old movie Babe you know I want to make it right.
Erica's Song 02:51
Have a seat Take a load off girl You don't have to work so hard People come and go But you're the shining one Now that all the pops And the stops of the day Have come to an end You can talk to me Truly I'm your friend And I'll sit by the window til you come rolling home On a day when the snow falls so deep that we don't have to go to work When everybody gets a package in the mail You're still the one that makes me happy The one that makes me smile Won't you stay around a while this time And I'll sit by the window ‘til you come rolling home
Ice Cream 03:12
I go to work every morning And pray that I come home sane “Cause I do the same thing every single day And I feel like I’m losing my brain It seems like you left and went a million miles from me Ten million years ago But you bring me right back to reality The minute you walk in my door Let it go “It was just a bad dream” she said What if it snows? “It’ll snow ice cream” she said If I quit smoking this very day I’d save enough money to buy An insane amount of ice cream Will I keep living for a sunny day Or is my freedom another one of those Blown out pipe dreams Let it go “It won’t be long” she said Baby, I don’t know “Keep singing that song” she said Hey Mr. Busyman, When you see me sayin hi I’m really saying Look at the sky And start asking why Baby, baby, I’m so tired of all these cars Why don’t we pull our feet out of this cold city muck And sail away in my blue pickup truck And find a house made of stone and wood And settle down out there if the fishing is good Let it go Let it go Let it all go
I sit here tonight on this old Subaru Staring into the cold black water I hear the tires on the highway So many miles away And this forest of pines receives the wind Like I am receiving you, my friend I hear your voice through the thickening din As gentle as rising water. In this darkening night everyone's afraid But I see a new day that's dawning So walk right into the river of Love And let it take you away Let your sorrows wash down the swirling hole Release all the grief that you control Until all that's left is your shimmering soul Alive as a child in the morning
Arizona Bill 07:00
Past the prickly pear and over the hill Lives an old clown named Arizona Bill He sleeps all alone in a house made of logs With a shotgun mind and a sleepy old dog The dog says, “Woof” and the cat says “meow” He sits at a window and stares at a cow He writes in a letter, “Please be home soon.” Sends it by air mail straight for the moon He sticks his spoon in a pot full of beans And wipes that shit all over his jeans He flunked out of school, blamed the rules He’s proud to be an American fool He pees standing up and shits sittin down Just like every other circus clown But this guy’s weird, he’s as queer as they come And his strings Are wound just as tight as a drum So you stay off his land and you just leave him be ‘Cause you don’t wanna hang from his old pear tree. He joined the circus when he was sixteen They treated him bad. They treated him mean So he hates everybody all over the earth The only thing he regrets is his birth He was born in a barn and raised by a chicken Taught himself that a nose is for pickin’ He goes around swallowing other people’s pride Leaves him feeling real empty inside So he acts like he’s got nothing to hide He hung up a trophy each time that he lied He’s a big boy bathing in a brown bathtub With a King Kong cobra that he killed with a club He’s always drinking beer ‘cause he hates the feel of fear And the bubbles from his Captain Crunch baking powder sub The dog’s in the kitchen and the cat went to town Diggin on some barbecued beef that he found And Arizona Bill can’t seem to sit still ‘Cause winter’s coming on and the wind’s got a chill So he’s moving to the Gobi, gonna live in an adobe He’ll never cut his hair ‘cause he lost his mother’s Flowbee
Lyrics: I woke up in the morning. I pulled the covers over my head I tried to use the telephone but the telephone was dead. I looked outside the window and saw the snow piling high I bid good morning to my pink catfish but my pet catfish had died "This cannot be happening. I've been such a nice guy." So I called on my old Grandma and this was her reply: We all know what to do. We all know what to do. We all know what to do. We've got to spread the love around. I stood beside a river Saw a spirit come bubbling up He tried to tell me I was wrong and that I should not look up I said "I understand you man. I've said the same thing many times. But the only place it ever led me was wallowing in slime. You too can give up your grief. Your life can be peaceful. You may have to lose your pride but at least you'll feel alive." We all know what to do. We've got to spread the love around. I know someday I'm gonna go that way. I'm gonna take a little walk in the valley of death Walking in the valley in the shadow of death I'll be walking on down that road. And His rod and His staff are gonna comfort me Like a whole world of brothers gonna comfort me Like a father and a mother gonna comfort me Though I walk on down alone. For I've seen it on Earth how He makes me to lie In the pastures of plenty with the clear blue sky Birds and bumblebees bumbling by Singing this song to me: We all know what to do. We've got to spread the love around.
When we first met dear, I didn't know your name You seemed like a coffee shop girl From far away You could've been a runaway, You could've been a queen You were an open lotus bloom From a pond I'd never seen. Isn't it funny Isn't it strange How these pictures seem to end up in frames In a new love Everything's so simple Like a song on the radio Like homemade wine But in an old love You know where your boundaries are It's as strong as a steel guitar And don't it shine! I took all the money That I'd saved in my can We drove across the night sky To a far off land Stared at each other On top of that hill We were looking for heaven And we're looking still But the world moves so fast We've got to let it go just to make it last Let's have a new love Let it all be simple Like a song for the baby-o Like the smell of a pine Let's keep the old love, Somehow it brought us safe thus far It gives a voice to the steel guitar And don't it shine!
Ski Dance 02:55
Called like a sailor out of childhood life A man and a wife out to sea When the easy winds blow They let their sails fill up And share a hot cup of family So they offer a promise to the sea And to each other That they’ll never have another hard time But try as hard as they can They’re just a woman and a man So they plead from the bottom of their spines: If I’m not strong enough will you help me? And if get tired will you lay me down? If I can’t stand you no more Will you walk out my door, or will you wait ’til I come around? Comes a child to a woman and a man Out of the earth, like a jewel from a stone There’s no way for us to understand And no way to go it alone But even on a small boat the two can drift apart Drive a rift in the heart and say “That’s just the way it goes.” But to fight against the weather Turns them green, makes ‘em weary So they come back together again If I’m not strong enough will you help me? And if get tired will you lay me down? If I can’t stand you no more Will you walk out my door, or will you wait ’til I come around? If I’m not strong enough will you help me? And if get tired will you lay me down? If I can’t stand you anymore Don’t walk out my door, Please wait Oh won’t you wait for me Because I’ve got to come back around
Wake Up 05:51
Maple Ridge 05:38


released October 31, 2012


all rights reserved



Michael Waite Marquette, Michigan

Michael Waite weaves together folk, jazz, Americana, blues, and classic singer/songwriter elements into songs that explore the nuances of everyday life while staying grounded in the pursuit of happiness and wholeness.

His songs and arrangements have a fresh creativity and feature vocal improvisations informed by his first instrument, the jazz trombone.
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