Let it Go

by Michael Waite

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Dragonfly 04:33
Darling I know that it makes you mad When I'm so far away And I've been cold and I've been bad But believe me when I say: I want to make it right I want to make it right I want to make it right with you baby here tonight O take my little hand We'll walk out on the sand And way out on the beach we'll release 'til we reach the land of peace and delight I want to make it right I want to be the man that you're dreaming of tonight Don't be afraid pretty lady 'cause all my mind is made And you've got to know I want to make it right O baby look at me I'm skinny as a tree But my love is as fat as a baby bumble bee I know I hurt you dear But let me have your ear 'Cause whenever you're near it's as clear as a mirror in the middle of the sea I want to set you free And lift you like the wind underneath a chickadee Don't you be afraid pretty baby 'cause all my mind is made And I've just got to make it right O listen to me baby You're such a lovely lady Please I know you think I'm crazy, I'm trifling and lazy But I'm down on my knees And I want to make it right I want to make it slow and groovy Like an old movie Babe you know I want to make it right.
Erica's Song 02:46
Mean Ol' Dog 03:25
Ice Cream 03:08
I sit here tonight on this old Subaru Staring into the cold black water I hear the tires on the highway So many miles away And this forest of pines receives the wind Like I am receiving you, my friend I hear your voice through the thickening din As gentle as rising water. In this darkening night everyone's afraid But I see a new day that's dawning So walk right into the river of Love And let it take you away Let your sorrows wash down the swirling hole Release all the grief that you control Until all that's left is your shimmering soul Alive as a child in the morning
Arizona Bill 06:59
Lyrics: I woke up in the morning. I pulled the covers over my head I tried to use the telephone but the telephone was dead. I looked outside the window and saw the snow piling high I bid good morning to my pink catfish but my pet catfish had died "This cannot be happening. I've been such a nice guy." So I called on my old Grandma and this was her reply: We all know what to do. We all know what to do. We all know what to do. We've got to spread the love around. I stood beside a river Saw a spirit come bubbling up He tried to tell me I was wrong and that I should not look up I said "I understand you man. I've said the same thing many times. But the only place it ever led me was wallowing in slime. You too can give up your grief. Your life can be peaceful. You may have to lose your pride but at least you'll feel alive." We all know what to do. We've got to spread the love around. I know someday I'm gonna go that way. I'm gonna take a little walk in the valley of death Walking in the valley in the shadow of death I'll be walking on down that road. And His rod and His staff are gonna comfort me Like a whole world of brothers gonna comfort me Like a father and a mother gonna comfort me Though I walk on down alone. For I've seen it on Earth how He makes me to lie In the pastures of plenty with the clear blue sky Birds and bumblebees bumbling by Singing this song to me: We all know what to do. We've got to spread the love around.
Ski Dance 02:55
Wake Up 04:11
Maple Ridge 05:38


released October 31, 2012


all rights reserved



Michael Waite Marquette Township, Michigan

Michael's songs are both simple straight talk and sophistication with poetic lyrics and tasteful harmonic movement.

He and his wife, dancer and choreographer Erica Waite, have built a house with their own hands on the side of one of Northern Michigan's Huron Mountains. Their performances invite the audience into their intimate creative space in a way that only a married couple can.
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